5 Warning Signs You Need an Acura Brake Replacement

5 Warning Signs You Need an Acura Brake Replacement


Are you suspecting you may need to replace your car brakes? Have you overlooked the signs of brake replacement? If you have ever thought it’s inconvenient to take your car in for service, reconsider putting off your brake check. Here, our Acura auto mechanic in San Antonio, TX lists a few warning signs that your brake pads are getting dangerously damaged.

Brake Light

The brake light that comes on indicates that it’s time for a brake inspection or there are some issues with your car’s braking system. Sometimes, the brake light may glow when your parking brake is in use. So, make sure that it isn’t the case. Also, it’s crucial to bring your car for inspection when the brake light is on to rule out any possibilities.

Strange Noises When You Brake

Get your brakes checked if you hear any strange noises such as squeaking, squealing, and grinding when you brake. This indicates that your brake pads are worn out, and you may need a brake replacement. It also signals that your brake system needs lubrication. If you hear any weird noises when braking, bring your car to our Acura auto mechanic in San Antonio, TX to fix the issue.

Vibration When Braking

Your brakes need to be checked if your car moves slightly off when you brake. Years of accumulated wheel rotations must have damaged your rotor, hence causing the shaking or vibration in the steering wheel. A malfunctioning brake caliper or damage to brake components can also cause vibration or wobbling when braking. In some cases, the crack in the brake caliper can cause your car to pull one side when you brake.


Burning Smell

The overworked brake or clutch heats the brake fluid resulting in a burning smell. When left unattended, it may lead to brake failure. Taking your car to an Acura repair shop in San Antonio will help you fix this issue and avoid any major car repair.

Spongy or Firm Brake Pedals

Do you feel that your brake pedals are soft when applying pressure? A faulty cylinder or air in the brake lines can cause this issue. Sometimes, a malfunctioning brake booster can make you apply more pressure than required. Whichever the case is, getting professional advice is crucial to examine and identify, and fix the underlying issue.

Your car’s braking system ensures the safety of the drivers and passengers. Hence, special attention should always be given to your car’s braking system because a well-maintained braking system allows you to address and fix the issue early on.

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