All about the ‘fast & furious’ electric motorcycles

All about the ‘fast & furious’ electric motorcycles


Electric bikes are highly recommended for environment-conscious individuals. They help reduce air pollution, thereby coming to our rescue, for we no longer inhale dust and harmful gases emitted from the vehicles. The features of the bikes vary from one brand to the other.

Nonetheless, there are facts you ought to know before riding an electric motorcycle, and they include;

•They are free from noise

They don’t need combustion engines for them to run because they work on stored electricity. You will not hear noise nor vibration from these two-wheeler vehicles.

•They require very little maintenance

When you compare the electric bikes to the standard bikes, electric bikes require less maintenance while the standard bikes are regularly checked for servicing now and then. Electric bikes will save you from all the fuss. As an electric bike, you will not only enjoy being ‘cool’ but also free from expenses such as changing engine oil, clutch, time belt, and spark plugs.

•The cost of fuel is low

Electric bikes are quite affordable as the cost of energy is low. With approximately 250 watts of power, you can enjoy riding for 20 minutes of riding. Additionally, you won’t need the gas stations anymore and will be finally free from the annoying queues.

•They are hassle-free

The electric bikes are free from gears making them conveniently easy to learn how to ride without shifting gears while cornering, in traffic, or crowded places.

•They are currently expensive

Electric bikes are currently costly to purchase, but their prices will lower in the future with the rising demand and popularity. They seem to be the solution for global warming and degraded air quality due to pollution.

The top-ranked best electric motorcycles

•Harley Davidson Livewire

The brand Harley-Davidson is known to have bikes that offer the best quality performance. They have impeccable speed going from 0-60mph in only 3 seconds. The color options available are black, yellow, and orange. You don’t have to worry about the availability of motorcycle parts. Your local Harley-Davidson dealer is able to provide you with any spare parts required.

•Zero SR

Anyone looking for a valuable electric motorbike should go for Zero SR. It has a speed of 124mph under 200 kilometres per hour.

•Arc Vector

When luxury is the main object, Arc Vector is the best electric motorbike. All the materials used to make the Arc Vector are high quality, and they have the best performance. The Arc Vector comes with its stylish helmet and jacket.

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