The Inside Scoop on How Auto Junk Yards Work

The Inside Scoop on How Auto Junk Yards Work


Your faithful old automobile has died at long last. It is time to give it a proper funeral by sending it off to the junkyard. You can’t help but ask yourself: “What happens to it now?”

Auto junk yards play a crucial role in society and the economy. Read on to find out what happens to your wrecked vehicle during its post-operational journey.

Auto Junk Yards May Part Out Your Car

Even if you totaled your car, it still posses many useable parts that can fetch a hefty sum on the secondhand circuit. From brakes to steering systems, and everything in between, your wrecked vehicle is still full of life.

Many people seek out junkyards to find discount parts. In many cases, they are the last bastion of vintage parts for outdated models of cars. Used auto parts junk yards can be a mechanic’s dreamland.

Junk yards pay cash for your wrecked vehicle. Also, you will know that your car will live on piece by piece in many other vehicles.

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Your Car May Be Refurbished

Often, the owners of junkyards are mechanical wizards. Other times mechanics keep them on speed dial. Whatever the case, if your car is still in decent shape someone may resurrect it. This is particularly true if it is a vintage or rare model.

A skilled mechanic may choose to refurbish your car and make it roadworthy once more. You never know, you may see your old vehicle pull up next to you at that stoplight downtown in a few months!

Your Vehicle May Be Crushed

Many times an auto junk yard may crush your vehicle and sell it for raw materials. In this case, someone may melt it down after stripping it of valuable components. The metal and other raw materials from your car may be recycled to make new vehicles.

While this may seem like a sad end to your old reliable vehicle, take solace in knowing that it is beginning its life a-new as the raw materials used to forge other consumeristic goods.

Each year over 25 million tons of material are recycled from scrapped vehicles. That’s 25 million fewer tons of raw materials stripped from the Earth. By selling your vehicle to an auto junk yard you are saving the environment.

You can expect to receive between $200-$600 on average for your scrapped car. At the end of the day, putting some money in your pocket is what you need to think about most. After all, you now need to think about purchasing a new vehicle.

Find a Junkyard Near You

Having your automobile die is a traumatic experience. One of the few silver linings is that you can sell it to auto junk yards for cash. If you’re thinking about what to do next after your car reaches the end of its life, look no further than a junk yard.

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