Top 6 Auto Body Repair Shop in Boston, Massachusetts

Top 6 Auto Body Repair Shop in Boston, Massachusetts


If you are from Boston or looking for the best auto body repair shop in Boston, you are at the place. Buying a new car is not all; you need to know how to take care of it, and that is one big task. The essence of making your car evergreen is to take care of it, and it is ensured by visiting car body shops regularly. From time to time, the change of engine oils and other gears maintains the car in perfect conditions. Moreover, the increased traffic has increased the chances of mishaps and damage to vehicles.

All the above factors show the importance of car body shops. If you are looking for the best auto body repair shop in Boston, you are at the right place. Find the Top 5 Auto Body Repair Shop in Boston in the coming lines.

5 Best Auto Body Repair Shop in Boston

#1 – Alpha Collision Center

It is very surprising to know that this auto body repair shop is located on a single location. But always attend customers of several different regions like Lexington, Arlington, Winchester, Waltham and of course the city Boston, Massachusetts. Vey well know Alpha Collision Center LLC is the most trusted by the people of all the above-mentioned areas. So, if you are looking to get an affordable and super quality body word or collision repair this is the best option for you.

Though, this body shop also provides you the towing service and auto insurance claims if necessary.

Where is it located?



PHONE: (781) 646-4611

#2 – World Autobody

World Autobody Inc. has a unique set of philosophies: Repair sans despair! They say that professional service in World Autobody is a combination of technical skill and empathy. They are probably true in many cases. The technicians are friendly and fit with every sort of requirement that you have. They claim to use the best materials and have experienced staff.

Where is it located?

880 R Commonwealth Avenue, Boston, MA 02215, United States

Phone: +1 (617)739-5050

#3 – Boston Body Works

Boston Bodyworks claims to be the highest quality auto body shop in the surroundings of Boston. Easily accessible location is the main highlight of this auto body shop. Dominic Assini, the current owner, has an experienced team to resolve all your issues with their exceptional customer service. They work for the insurance companies, too; this way, you can easily deal with insurance-related issues directly. They assure you to get compensated with the proper amount of money in return for the car in pre-loss condition.

Where is it located?

839 Albany St, Boston, MA 02119, USA

#4 – S & F Auto body

Having an experience of about 30 years, S & F auto body assures quality maintenance to your vehicle. They have re-engineered collision repairs without stressing the owner. They assure hassle-free service to all the customers with complete satisfaction. If you want a rented car after you drop off your vehicle, S&F can arrange it too.

Where is it located?

503 E 2nd St

Boston, MA 02127


Phone: 1-617-268-1185

#5 – 2nd Generation Automotive Restorations

Established in 1995, 2nd generation Automotive Restorations is known for its superior workmanship and service. They don’t generally advertise as they believe in their quality of work. They have handled many extensive projects and nature. Some of the challenges include multiple panel replacements, extensive frame repair, complicated corvette panel replacement, and various alignments. They also offer long-distance services too.

Where is it located?

2000 Main Street,

Unit 17 Walpole, MA 02081


#6 – Franklin Transmission and Auto Care

Franklin Transmission and Auto care are one of the few age-old cars body shops in Boston. Having experience of about 40 years, they claim to be specialists and mechanics who can diagnose your vehicle. Franklin’s transmission and Auto care have a 7200 sq. Ft facility that gives you a pleasant atmosphere and experience. They promise the best service and quality price.

Where is it located?

505A E. Central St. Franklin, MA 02038

Phone: (508) 541-3001

That’s it! You now know our best picks for the Top 5 Auto Body Repair Shop in Boston, Massachusetts. No matter what the suggestions and picks are, it is you, as the owner of the car should decide which the best pick is. You may choose one among the above.

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