Tyre Inflator with Gauge: Uses and Benefits Explained

Tyre Inflator with Gauge: Uses and Benefits Explained


Tyre inflator restores air pressure in deflated vehicle tyres swiftly. This is a portable device which either runs on a battery or takes power from the car to deliver compressed air to the deflated tyres. Tyre inflator ensures that your vehicle tyres are always inflated.


Tyre inflator eliminates the need to search for a tyre shop or fuel shop whenever your vehicle’s tyres are flat. The problem of searching for one becomes even more difficult if your vehicle develops flat tyre in the middle of the road. Using a tyre inflator, you can easily fill the air in your vehicle’s tyres right in your home and even if you are stranded on a deserted road.

Portable tyre inflator is light in weight and can be easily carried. The unit doesn’t take much space and can be stored in the boot of your car. Cordless portable tyre inflators are even more portable and easy to store. Corded tyre inflators have compartments to store the power cable and other accessories. Tyre inflators usually weigh between 2-6 pounds while smaller models weigh less than 1 pound.

The gauge on the tyre inflator indicates the air pressure in the tyre when you pump air in it. Thus, you are aware of whether the air pressure in the tyre has reached the correct figure or not and do not end up filling more or less air than required. The gauge can be analogue having a needle sliding over a dial or a digital display screen providing the air pressure readings in figures.

Tyre inflator prevents low tyre pressure. Driving a vehicle having low tyre pressure not only erodes the quality of the tyres and reduces their life but also reduces the mileage of the car, which increases fuel consumption. All you need to do is check the air pressure in the tyres using the gauge attached to the tyre inflator and attach its nozzle to the tyres to fill the air in case the air pressure is lower than required. There is no need to visit a workshop or garage to get the tyres checked for air pressure.


Tyre inflator is safe to use due to its auto-shutoff feature. This feature enables you to set the required air pressure in PSI and walks away as the inflator starts doing its job. The inflator will fill the air in the tyre till the set PSI and then automatically switch off. This feature ensures that the tyre will not be overinflated. No monitoring is required because the inflator will not burst the tyre.

Factors to consider

Consider the following factors when purchasing a tyre inflator.

  • Heavy-duty tyre inflators which draw power from the vehicle’s battery takes 2-3 minutes to fill the air while 12V models which draw power through 12V power outlet of the vehicle take 4-10 minutes
  • Tyre inflators having at least 18-26 inches long hose are considered suitable for reaching all the four tyres of a vehicle.
  • Portable tyre inflators with built-in lights are suitable for people who travel a lot in their vehicles. This is because the lights illuminate the tyre and also alert other vehicles if you need to inflate the tyre at night on the middle of a road.
  • High-quality tyre inflators are available for $30 to $40. Higher priced models have many extra features.

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