Why spare parts are used for car

Why spare parts are used for car


Generally  a motor vehicle has it’s own model. Some parts may damage  after taking car due to different reasons. Again we can replace them. They are spare parts. There are special shops of spare parts like pedders. So we can remove damaged once and replace with the new one in the same place. We can get them through the different ways through online also we can order and we can fit them in the service centers.

Car has different types of parts everything can’t be replaced

There are different  types  of spare parts for car. If we take about the brake. It is the most important part of the car used for increasing and decreasing of speed of the car. It all happens by the friction. If it fails to work we can’t stop the car. It leads to serious damage to car and people too. There are different types of breaks are present we use according to the vehicle. There are four types of car brakes. One is disc brake this break attaches to the wheels directly . The next one is the drum brake these are present inside the wheel. These both help the car to slow down and stop.

The next is the emergency brake this is also called the hand break or parking break. Emergency break power is the rear break helps in the stopping of the car at any speed during dangerous situations.There is other break system is the new type of brakes it is anti lock brakes these are helpful in wet and slippery roads prevents in the skidding of the vehicle. Shock absorbers are one of the spare parts of the car these are it helps in absorb and damp the shock impulses. It gives grip between tyres and road so it absorb shock. These are like springs convert one form of energy to the other from they are filled with the oil. The shock absorber oil are present in the servicing centers . Sometimes shock absorbers are damaged it leads to tires wear down unevenly, oil leaks and the car takes long time to stop. Shock absorbers has is also available instead of oil. Instead of oil gas is better because keep them colder. Degradation by the heat get decreased by using the oil. Shock absorbers are repairable but mostly don’t prefer the repaired shock absorbers


The spare are the available parts to avoid danger to the people. They are reared out and we can replace new ones instead of old ones. Ever part has expiry. They can work up to some extent after that we should replace them for our safe and security.

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