How to Protect the Exterior of Your Car

How to Protect the Exterior of Your Car


There are many exterior protection products for your car that you can buy from Car Smart. However, there is no substitute for properly maintaining your vehicle.

The exterior of your car is what everyone first notices about your car. The elements will be harsh on your car but you should do all you can to protect your car’s finish.

The following tips should help you protect the exterior of your car and keep it looking new for longer:

Keep Your Car Clean

What poses most danger to your car is the long term buildup of grime, dirt and other substances that accumulate on the top of your car. The longer these substances stay on your car, the more damage they cause.

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You should use a sponge, water, soap and other car cleaning supplies while cleaning your car. Use a microfiber towel to dry it and polish it when done.

Use chemicals and materials that will be gentle on your car’s exterior but will effectively remove dirt from the car’s surface.

Use Paint Cleaners

Even if you clean your care regularly, there are still contaminants that can settle on the car. These contaminants need to be removed using paint cleaners.

Paint cleaners are also known as pre cleaners or pre wax cleaners. They will remove stubborn substances from your car such as tree sap and bugs.

Different paint cleaners have different degrees of abrasiveness. Therefore, you should choose one that will not damage your car.


Claying will certainly help protect your car’s delicate exterior. A clay bar is a compound that is used to remove contaminants that form on your car’s surfaces.

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Over the life of your car, different contaminants will attach themselves to the surface of the car and change its texture. They will diminish the look of your car when you polish it and affect how you wax your car.

Clay bars are the perfect solution to removing such contaminants.

Wax your Car

Waxing your car is not only a way to make it shiny and glitter but it will also help maintain its paint. If you have a car with an average finish, all you need is to polish it to maintain it.

You should wax your car every time it is cleaned. It is better if you choose natural waxes rather than synthetic waxes as they are gentler on your car.

A good wax should be done with a dry microfiber cloth that is specifically used for waxing and nothing else. The side effect is that your car will look clean and shiny.

Store your Car Inside

The elements (water, wind, heat and dirt) are the most harmful to your car’s exterior. Your car is at the mercy of these elements when you park it outside.

You should store your car in your garage if you want its exterior to be protected. The less time your car spends outside, the less chance it is to be affected by contaminants.

It is especially important to store your car inside during winter and summer. These are the harshest seasons and will have a debilitating effect on your car’s exterior.

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