How to Transform a Used Car into New

How to Transform a Used Car into New


Whether it is a car that has aged well, or a newly purchased used car, we bet that every owner would be glad to know that it can be transformed into a brand new one. Not only in terms of look but also in terms of performance.

We have got this heartwarming information from the expert sellers of the famous Lancaster used car dealer, and couldn’t wait to share with you. They started after assuming that even though the car is used, it is of good health, and is still going strong in all other aspects, like its exterior body, in the crucial undercarriage parts, and of course its engine.

But by following the below listed tips, you can transform the old and used car into as good as new!

Start Using Synthetic Motor Oil

We all know that older cars used to use conventional oils and that wasn’t a good thing. We would suggest you switch to synthetic oil, to avail superior and sludge-free engine performance that will also add up to its fuel efficiency.

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That’s not all. by using synthetic oil, your old car will no longer show its reluctance in starting up the engine during winter days. Nor will it get overheated when you drive in the hot sun. Though you have to pay a bit of extra money at the counter for this, it will take longer intervals for an oil change. So you save the same amount of money if not more when you start using synthetic oil instead of the conventional one.

Flush and Refill the Transmission Fluid

In old cars, the transmission unit used to be accessible. While this was a good thing for many reasons, it also used to accumulate more dust and debris, causing contamination. So, when you have decided to give your used car a performance boost, give it a fresh breath of transmission fluid as well. In this all you will have to do is choose the right brand, as recommended by the manufacturer. Once the old transmission fluid is flushed out and new fluid pours in, you can instantly feel the difference the moment you start changing gears.

Go for a Tire Rotation

This is a must. When the car you are driving has covered long distances, its tires have faced all the brunt of those journeys. The best way to give the car a better footing is giving it the right body balance. It can be done only when all the tires have even tread wear.

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It is only through the process of tire rotation, you help the tires interchange their positions. In return they will enhance your drivability to a significant level, and you’ll also feel the change while handling it on difficult turns. Watch the road manners of your old car, when you’ve given it a push with a timely tire rotation.

Washing, Painting and Waxing:

Till now we were talking about the performance boosting methods. Now once that is fixed, you can now take your car for a good coat of painting, if necessary, or else a thorough waxing will also look good if the paint is still intact. Do get the interior cabin a thorough wash and cleaning, to get that fresh feeling, concluded the staff of the above said used car dealer Lancaster.

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