What are the Different Trims Available for Chevrolet Tahoe 2020?

What are the Different Trims Available for Chevrolet Tahoe 2020?


Chevrolet is one of the best car manufacturers globally and has been in business for a century. Chevy vehicles are reliable and offer a driving satisfaction that can’t be found in any other car. One of the Chevy cars which are loved by all is the Tahoe 2020. When you are in Concord Chevrolet dealer showroom, you will see that it is a family car with ample space and is loved by driving enthusiasts for its power and more.

First you will know about the trims in detail and then move onto the rest of the specifications of this vehicle. Take a look!

Trims available

Prices of the trims include LS at $49,295, LT at $54,295, and Premier at $63,995. These are the three different trims available for the Tahoe 2020 version, which you can get from any dealership.

Each of the trims is creatively manufactured and offers a massive number of pre-loaded features so that owners and passengers can ride it comfortably. The base trim LS is more than sufficiently equipped and loaded with features that makes owners of it quite satisfied with their purchase. It contains an 8-inch touchscreen display, keyless entry, a towing mode, mobile hotspot, smartphone integration.

People can also upload a few packages for the ultimate ride satisfaction like the Max Tow Trailer package. People opting for the AWD drivetrain will have to spend an additional of $3,000, irrespective of what trim an individual purchase.

Apart from the standard power, it is understandable that driving enthusiasts want maximum power for their vehicle; they can certainly opt for the more powerful optional engine. However, for this, one will have to get the Premier trim.

Though LS suffice for most, it is always suggested to get the LT trim or the Premier trim from a Chevy dealer near Concord for the best driving experience. The mid-range and top tier models come with absolutely everything that one can think of and makes it the ideal family car with an abundance of power under the hood.

Now that you are aware of all the trims, their prices as well as which would be most suitable, have a look at the engine specs!

Engine specifications

Chevy Tahoe is equipped by two different V8 engines. The standard available option from Chevrolet is the 5.3L V8 engine with automatic 6-speed transmission. It generates 355 horsepower and shifts easily and is quite quick and dynamic.

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Another available engine is a 6.2L V8, which produces colossal horsepower of 420 and paired with automatic ten-speed transmission. The sheer power of this vehicle surprises even the driving enthusiasts easily. The test shows that the Tahoe reaches 0-60 mph in a mere 5.7 seconds; the standard version of this vehicle takes 1.5 seconds more.

Although choosing to have the Premier trim is quite expensive, its strength, power, etc. matches the big structure of this car and offers ample satisfaction when driving. Also, the standard version can tow 8,600 lbs after equipping it adequately.

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Now that you know about the trims in detail, visit a dealer and get the one which completes your entire requirement list.

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