Mazda vs. Toyota: The Ultimate Auto Showdown

Mazda vs. Toyota: The Ultimate Auto Showdown


Are you in the market for a new (or new-to-you) vehicle?

If so, you may have come down to two solid options: Mazda vs. Toyota.

The tough thing about buying a new car—besides the actual shopping process—is choosing the best option.

The reason it’s so hard? Everyone is searching for something different, depending on wants, needs, and preferences, and so what’s best for somebody else may not be the best for you.

If you’ve narrowed it down to these two well-known and well-loved auto brands, you’re already halfway there. We can make the decision process easier for you. Keep reading for our brief but informative guide to these two car brands!

Pros and Cons of Mazda

Are you considering buying a Mazda—or upgrading your current ride with some used Miata parts, and wondering if it’s the right decision?

Here’s what you need to know.


According to surveys from Consumer Reports, Mazda is on top when it comes to safety ratings. They might be traditional, but according to research, that’s a good thing.

Mazda has proven to be reliable, even topping Lexus in this arena. Five of their vehicles scored well in tests that measured safety, earning 80 or higher.


What’s one thing you can’t get with Mazda that other auto brands provide?

Electric cars.

Their classic model is fantastic when it comes to your protection and well-being, but it remains gas-powered. Mazda has yet to cross over into the electric realm.

Pros and Cons of Toyota

Toyota has a cult following—is it well-deserved? We break it down below.


Toyota is a staple in the auto industry. Toyota stock, under Toyota Motor Corporation, has been a thing since the 1930s, proving its timelessness.

Toyota is equal parts legendary and modern. They’ve dabbled in innovative, self-driving vehicles, but they also have claims to fame with their old-school, third-generation 4Runners. They’re also well-known to be reliable, safe, long-lasting, and worth their money.

Consumer Reports also have supporting data that confirms the efficiency of the Toyota brand. They do well in several forms of testing, covering fuel economy, comfortability, innovation, and more.


Toyota makes a fantastic product—but it’s worth mentioning that there have been a handful of recalls on various Toyota models.

You might get a Toyota that’s flawless and works well for decades, or you might end up with a model in need of a replacement part. The odds are in your favor, but it’s something worth knowing. You can browse Toyota’s website for a list of recalls.

When It Comes to Mazda vs. Toyota, The Choice Is up to You!

There you have it—a transparent look at two well-received auto brands that have earned their accolades.

When it comes time to choose between Mazda vs. Toyota, the final decision relies on your personal preferences. Each has several advantages while holding a shortlist of disadvantages . . . Which one is right for you?

Only you can tell!

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