The Best Devices, Tools, and Tips for Preventing Vehicle Theft

The Best Devices, Tools, and Tips for Preventing Vehicle Theft


While we love all our property, there are few things more inconvenient than having our car stolen. So much of our life depends on our car that our work, personal life, etc. can come to a halt due to vehicle theft.

Car theft is declining, however, it remains a major issue. About one car gets stolen per minute and over $6 billion gets lost each year due to car theft.

As a result, you want to know how to prevent vehicle theft.

Luckily, it’s not complex and there are a number of different anti-theft methods you can try. There are devices, tools, and tips all set up for vehicle theft prevention.

Here’s what to do:

Pay Attention to Parking

You have to always give importance to where you park your car. Parking is one of the biggest strains of driving and often we want to find the first spot that’s available.

However, you should always observe your surroundings before you park. For example, if you park in a supermarket’s parking lot you want to park as close to the store as possible.

If there’s a parking lot with CCTV cameras, you want to make sure your car is within the frame of the camera. If there’s a paid parking option that has a security system you should always pay for it.

Consider Tinted Windows

There are many benefits of tinted windows. These are made to obscure the interior of your car from outsiders.

One of the most popular reasons why vehicle theft might occur is because the thief sees something they like in your car. If you leave your smartphone, bracelet, or even a nice coffee mug in your car you can expect someone to steal it.

Tinted windows bring you privacy which is the best way to protect your security.

Additional Locks

The more locks you have on your car, the harder it becomes for a potential thief. In fact, more locks can serve as a deterrent for vehicle theft.

The first lock to consider is a steering wheel lock. This ensures that a thief cannot drive away even if they break into the car. To be extra careful, you can also install pedal locks.

If you ever have to visit a high-crime area you want to make sure you have both of these installed. Car thieves in such areas are more skilled, so the more locks the more you can deter them.

Both types of locks are cheap and can be found at any online or physical retailer. For best results, consult your mechanic on which locks they recommend.


You should install several hidden cameras in your car. This helps you catch a car thief in case they steal your car.

However, there should be at least one or two cameras that are in plain sight. This way, if a thief enters your car they’ll know that they are being recorded.

Most thieves will understand that these visible cameras are a deterrent. If they don’t, you can depend on the hidden cameras to track the thief.

Preventing The Car Turning On

But what happens if the thief breaks all the locks and is now ready to turn on your car and drive away?

You can prevent the car from turning on through two methods. The first is to install a kill switch. You’ll have to consult a mechanic to install this for you. The kill switch can interrupt the ignition, the electrical system, and the fuel system.

This gets installed in the car and prevents it from turning on by default. The only way to start it is to use a separate key. As long as the thief doesn’t have access to this key, they cannot steal the car.

A simpler method is to use an electronic immobilizer. This prevents the car from starting without a key fob. You have to first scan the key fob before starting the car. Once again, as long as you keep the key fob on your person you won’t have to worry about vehicle theft.

Car Tracker

Unfortunately, you can reduce the likelihood of vehicle theft but not eliminate it. If your car does get stolen, you want to be able to track it down.

There are car trackers that you attach to your vehicle in a conspicuous area. If your car is stolen, you can connect to this device to track your car’s location. Using an app on your phone you get notifications to the location of your car as it travels. This location can be easily shared with the police.

One suggestion is to have two of the same car tracker. The first should be hidden in a conspicuous area of your car. The second should be visible for the thief to see. If the thief sees the tracking device, they might figure out that you have a second car tracker installed. This might convince them to give up and leave your car.

Another option is to buy a cheap smartphone with an internet connection. This smartphone should only serve one purpose: to download an anti-theft app.

There are several anti-theft apps made for tracking the location of gadgets, such as smartphones. The smartphone should get hidden in a conspicuous area of your car. You want to make sure that it’s always fully charged and that the volume is as high as possible.

With your regular smartphone, you can track the location of this smartphone. If your car gets stolen you’ll notice that the smartphone’s location is changing. You can then turn on an alarm using the anti-thief app on your smartphone.

The alarm will ring loudly and catch the thief off-guard. This can convince them to return the car or leave it and escape. You can also share the location with the police.

Prevent Vehicle Theft

Make sure to follow the tips in this guide to prevent vehicle theft. As long as you take these precautions you can prevent theft or catch a thief if they dare take your car!

Make sure to share this guide with your friends and family. If you want to read more great content on cars, check out our other articles.

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