Best Car Tire Brands to Buy

Best Car Tire Brands to Buy


Tires are round, similar, and black rubber that is put on the edge of the car. There are many types of tires with each mandated with different abilities depending on the type of vehicle. The kind of tire you use dramatically determines your safety on the road. Driving in off-roads is risky at times, primarily if the tires do not hold the ground firmly. Punctures will mostly affect driving with such tires.Modern technology has made it easier to shop without having to be at the auto shop. Below we look at some of the most significant tire companies in the world, which have proven to work sufficiently even in the hardest conditions.

1. Michelin tires

It is a well-known tire brand located in France. Its creators are the Michelin brothers, and this company has won multiple awards along the way. It has a reputation for manufacturing the best quality rubber, which will ensure your car remains fuel-free and safe when you are on the road. It has a broad category for all road users, bikers, and cyclists included. Their tires are long-lasting and are of the highest quality. Their main disadvantage is that they come at a slightly higher price than the other brands in the market.

2. Goodyear

Goodyear is on the same level as some of the best tire brands in the world. They are slightly more expensive since they are the most in-demand tires around the world. Their tires are well known to have a perfect balance and grip no matter the weather condition. They also manufacture bicycle tires thus offering their clients with a variety of products

3. Continental

Continental is a leading tire production company that is ranked among the four best tire manufacturing companies in the world. You are assured of safety and comfort when you purchase their products. It is also at the front line in the manufacture and supply of electronics and brakes.

4. Dunlop

It is a famous car tire company that is known for its long history. Most drivers pick them as the first choice tires when shopping.They manufacture high-quality tires that always meet the qualifications of the buyers.

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They have, however been criticized for failing to match the standards set by other tire brands in offering heat transfer options for their users.

5. Cooper tires

This company specializes in the production of tires for trucks and other automobiles. It offers excellent tires that have proven to be safe and have a long lifespan. They have a great thread-life, and its performance varies with its size. They are also very affordable.

6. Bridge stone

This is one of the best car tire brands around the world. It specializes mainly in the production of spare parts for trucks. They are easily found in most countries around the world.

7. Yokohama

This is a universal tire brand located in Japan. It became the official partner of Premier League Side Chelsea in the 2014-2015 season, and it has provided the Japan Super Formula with tires.


With the above tire brands well elaborated, you will have an effortless time choosing the perfect tire brand that will suit you.

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